• Deauville, The Basin, 1892
  • The Bather, 1879
  • Evening on Volga, 1888
  • Old Riga view, 2011 - Vezur
  • Gloomy Situation, 1933
  • Two Swans, 2011 - Vezur
  • Sea coast, 2011 - Vezur
  • Walk Along The Sea, 2011 - Vezur
  • Dome Square, 2011 - Vezur
  • Saint John, 1892
  • Old Town Charm, 2011 - Vezur
  • Two Little Girls On The Beach, 1895
  • Conversion, 1912
  • Le Pêcheur (The Fisherman), 1909
  • Morning in a Pine Forest, 1889
  • Yellow Circle, 1926
  • Buckwheat Harvesters at Pont-Aven, 1888
  • Study of a Head, 1913
  • Music-I, 1895
  • Kelly Pool, 1903
  • Stork, 2011 - Vezur
  • House of Blackheads, 2011 - Vezur
  • Lady with hat and feather boa, 1909
  • Independence Day, 2011 - Vezur
  • Portrait of a Man, 1923
  • Contrasting Sounds, 1924
  • Self Portrait with Arm Twisting above Head, 1910
  • Riegert aka Laima Clock, 2011 - Vezur
  • Woman with Black Hat, 1909
  • Two Tahitian Women, 1899
  • Nabis Landscape, 1890
  • Old Riga, 2011 - Vezur
  • Dancers in Blue, 1890
  • Dancers V, 1877
  • Study of a Figure Outdoors (Facing Right), 1886
  • Landscape at Saint-Rémy, 1889
  • The Vision after the Sermon, 1888
  • A Friend in Need, 1903
  • Lady with fan, 1918
  • Standing Girl in a Plaid Garment, 1909
  • Summer Evening, 1886
  • Garden Study of the Vickers Children, 1884
  • The Boat, 2011 - Vezur
  • Moonrise over the Sea, 1822
  • Poppy field in Giverny, 1885
  • Tree of Life, 1909
  • Jurmala (Sea Pearl), 2011 - Vezur
  • The Star, 1878
  • Ligo Evening, 2011 - Vezur
  • Portrait of Josette, 1916



We are aware and do respect copyrights. All our reproduction paintings are only done for those authors whose copyright period has ended. In most of countries the copyright period ends 70 years after author’s death.

Yes, we specialize in oil paintings only.

The reproductions are not museum quality, which would be unfortunately more expensive option.  We offer medium quality paintings – nice to have at home and affordable.

All our paintings are 100% hand-painted by our artists.


All our paintings are hand painted, and there might be slight differences with photo in online catalog. If after receiving painting it does not meet your expectations, you are able to return it within 14 days after receiving it. First you should let us know in written via e-mail regarding your decision. After receiving back the painting, we will return your payment within 30 days, however to deliver the painting back to us is under customer`s expenses.

You may pay using cash or bank transfer.

We have secure payment system provided by PayPal. You may use your PayPal account or if you do not have PayPal account you may use any of major credit cards. Also when using credit cards the payments are processed via PayPal, we do not store or have any access to your credit card data.

In our gallery in Riga or in online store.


For paintings 40x50cm – 65 cm length, 7cm diameter
For paintings 50x60cm – 65 cm length, 7cm diameter
For paintings 90x120cm – 105 cm length, 7cm diameter

Please click here to see the pictures of our leather look casing.

Rolled and placed in nice looking leather look casing.

Rolled and placed in nice looking leather look casing, which is then again packed in protective carton box.

Paintings are rolled and packed in tube which makes it more easy and safe to deliver the painting safely.


Yes, if you purchase 1 or 2 or 3 paintings delivery charge will be the same.

Yes, delivery to any location within Latvia is free of charge

Usually delivery to any location does not exceed 1 week.

Please select your location to find out the delivery costs. Free shipping within territory of Latvia.